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Friday, February 26, 2010

Will there ever be World Peace?

Wars have been inevitable parts of human life. Since the era of when the first human species walked this earth, there are only five hundred years of peace ever recorded. History says it that mankind has already fought numerous battles which shape the nowadays world. As history travels through time, billions of people around the globe are now cherishing and regarding that peacekeeping acts are the most supreme, unquestioned morality. But believe me, such pacification will never be forever. With varying ideologies, the advents of modern warfare and the need to survive reside inside every human, they will eventually lead political groups to dominate others.

War can be commenced by the mean of different ideologies adopted by both opposing factions. World is not a habitat for one group of people but it is a home for human beings from different ethnics, religions and ideologies. Therefore, this world is the “best” battleground, since a spark of war could occur at any second. When a radically-based group perceives that it is in jeopardy by the emerging external force in the form of another dissatisfactory belief, this society will ultimately proceed to the state ‘at war’. For instance, wars between the Christians and Muslims –renowned as Crusades – were based on a reason to recapture the Holy Land and to repel the soil from Muslim Arabs. Another example is the U.S. war on terror across the Arab world –like in Afghanistan and in Pakistan – which is said being done to eliminate the terrorists’ strongholds and deteriorate the so-called terrorist group. In addition, leaders sometimes enter into a war under the excuse that their actions are primarily defensive, however when viewed objectively, their actions may resemble a form of unwarranted, disproportionate aggression.

With the advent of gunpowder, the acceleration of technological advances and the vast number of army, the war itself can be initiated. Since the gunpowder was invented in the late 15th century in Europe, military warfare has undergone dramatic changes, such as the improvement of armaments – from bows to rifles, from catapults to artilleries, from chain mails to bulletproof vests –, which will effectively amplify the blow to the enemy. Moreover, the innovations taking place in chemical industry has also enhanced the making of explosives and biological weapons. These will consequently boost up the ego of each group to start a war. But the number of youths in a country is also a fundamental matter as well. A nation could not start a campaign without the proper amount of soldiers. According to the Youth Bulge theory, males from 15 to 29 years of age are classified as a cohort. Thus, a country would think twice before commencing hostilities and it will likely to impose a compulsory military service regulation on young, productive men. As far as the eyes can see, modern warfare policies have standardized many countries worldwide to uplift the number of armies. For example, before the Nazi Germany launched an invasion to Poland, it is noted down that the German Army consisted of 18.2 billion able-bodied men. With massive number of soldiers, one country could commence a conflict easily.

Furthermore, defensive state of one country is often uttered as one of the motivations why these people should go into war purposelessly. As a basic need for survival, one of the ways of humans’ efforts to have their existence considered is to join the war against the one who oppresses them. Wars have been culturally rooted in all tribes. When one nation conquers another, the subjugated people who are suffering from inequalities will gradually revolt and try to overthrow the imperialist. The Spanish Inquisition which was meant to crush the Muslim domination over the Iberian Peninsula by recapturing the lost territories and reestablishing Catholic hegemony is one of many examples. Continued existence of one group is one key principle of human race so that every life form, even an animal, will sacrifice its life just to defend its presence.

In short, war is an activity which every single of us cannot avoid explicitly or implicitly, for humans’ egos are beyond everything the world could offer. All we can do is to pray that such peace could stand any longer.


As a task for my class in participation of English Competition (see, I wrote this essay. Should one make some corrections on this writings, for I know I'm not so good at English.
So please do write down comments guys.

Thank you for those who inspect my writing! You earn my gratitude. :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Communication is the Key

"A couple of lovers should make their worlds mixed together and in addition, becomes one independent body of the two's realms. Therefore, the newly entwined world is more enriched, not impoverished". I remembered that statement spoken on the talk show. Thereafter, I was struck by a lousy experience to which this condition equals.

I used to have a good friend. We often chitchatted through MSN and facebook. For a reason or two, we didn't speak again until last month I retrieved her BB PIN from her facebook account and added her. Then we talked via BBM. As an initiator, of course I said hello and the conversation continued normally. Some time later, she told me she had got a boyfriend and her words explicitly stated that her boyfriend had her 'in chain' by not letting her chatting to what she called me a "stranger". I think, "I'm a STRANGER? STRANGER you said?? Wew, that's so wrong!" And the weirder thing was she let that egocentric policy ruled over her. Anyways, despite the fact that she was such an arrogant being, I just fitted myself with a simple principle "Well, just forget it. Perhaps she said it unintentionally." Then I started realising that somehow her words conjured an intention to repel my presence. In addition, she got so pissed (the reason was not clear) that she 'removed' me from her friend list and blocked me.

"Wow, what a GREAT experience you've got, Steven" I think. I was blamed for something I did not do. I didn't give her a jerk, I was too nice to forget the "stranger" thing, I just said hello and I got a knife pierce my heart so deeply in return (Not because I like her, but her attitude towards me was definitely..wrong).

Communication is a fundamental matter. And the act that I conserved to her (via internet) was not erroneous, right? I just wanted to greet an "old friend". Duh, she was too influenced by her misleading partner.

This is very very untrue. Why? Because the relationship we build with our partners should enhance our lives, not make us bounded. It is okay for our steadies to be jealous when we interact with others of different gender, but this should not be too excessive. For instance, limiting his girlfriend's communication to the others but not to him, even cutting off contacts with her friends. This can't be tolerated, for each of us has the right to interact!

I disgust those people who installed barbed wires around "his beloved one". I feel pity for those actors (Actors due to the male's tendency to behave so). Hey, we are living in the era of democracy!

Well, this is life we are facing. We are unique. A differs from B, B differs from C, etc. But this matter cannot be left like this. I want to change those people's 'unkind' behaviour which will ultimately lead to an inevitable utter destruction of a household. But I know I can't. I can't change them for the greater good. But at least I do know that, for one whose partner is flexible and adaptive (in this particular problem), a happy family is undoubtedly to be fostered.

Friday, February 12, 2010

"I just have to see you again"

It has always been like this for three years. This emotion always evokes only on February! I don't even know why. I can't figure it out. My head is in a jam, can't take you off my mind. From the time we met I've been beset by thoughts of you. And ironically, the more I ignore this feeling the more I find myself believing: I just have to see you again.

But there's where my weakness resides. I'm too shy to let you know. Afraid that I might say the wrong words and hence, displease you. But I do know that I shall just do it, for she will never know I love her if I don't tell her, right? But my willpower often hides away. Shame on me.

Now, I'm like a child again. I'm out and lost for words. How does one define a crush combined with longing? A Longing to posses you oh dear. Perhaps I'll go mad if I can't have you?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love, Golden Dawn, You

Were we at the afterglow ... ?
Now I am lying here, clinging to the hope that has faded away
If we look back to our spring of youth, will you still deny me? Will you still say that they're all fakes? Will you still forsake me? Will you?

We shared the dawn, but I know even the dawn had to be replaced by the dusk.
Love has to cry .. But it needn't die
Love has to grow .. But it needn't go. :'(
Well, heart has to sigh .... it's the test of time.

Now that days have changed into months. And months into years.
2008 - Yet still I remember the way we met in the very class. We've traveled through time and space and it feels as if it had just occurred yesterday. Time flies fast. Oh how I was calloused by doubts, joys, and fears. Fear that I might lose you. I always wanted to be with you and those delicacy kept me yearning for you even more.

Now I've somehow lost you. And I'm feeling lost right now. So lost. Look girl, I can't bear deleting you from my memory.. You are love at the first glance. You're very precious. You're unique!
We both do know, or at least I do, we've gone too far from the dawn. That second golden dawn when love is true still I'll wait. Seriously, I'll wait for it.

Love, Golden Dawn, and You.
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