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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Decrypt or be Decrypted!

Hello there! Curiosity is slowly consuming your nerve cells! Your brain suddenly starts becoming itchy. Yeah, I know .. Technically, I know how it feels to be a part of investigating your friend's sweetheart. Ain't it fun if you're able to tell who your  friend's secret love is, right?
So here I am giving you a couple of clues (and for each clue I provide you what you would find in it):
1 (Don't you hate it when someone calls you by your nickname???)
Out of 26 alleys that were leaving their gates opened, I found one was very interesting. So then I rolled. I noticed one thing: the street this alley lay on was solely dwelled by boomerang crafters. From the shape of it, out of nowhere, I recalled a notable thing which made my day complete. This so-called boomerang community was unexpectedly still active although it had been 10 o'clock in the night! You made my day invertedly whole by 60 degrees.

2 (I am hungry without it!! And still I am. I have never had enough!)
As if my heart were astonished by this earthquake! Even the hydrogen covalent bonds would break apart when you do it too harsh. But heck, it is one of your unforgettable delicacies.

3 (Sometimes, home is NOT where the heart is!)
As I rolled down the street, I found her. But darn it, I don't understand her and she doesn't understand me. Complete madness.

Well, as for now, I've got only 3 clues for you. But I think that should be enough. :)
Happy decoding!
Oh and leave some comments so I can track your progress - if that's how you want it to be. :)


I can't help myself but thinking of you! And the thing is: I discovered you inside the realm of unknown. Seems like there is a psychiatrists-can't-even-describe loophole unconsciously tunneling the image of this serene being in my head! You are a piercing through the crack in the chest. It is YOU that made me write this chunk of words that are eventually forming into perpetual online akwardness.

Let this realm introduce itself to you, face-to-face.
Although tomorrow is the first day of my final examinations, can't you see that I am putting efforts into this thing? You've gotta be asking why. So, why? Because I was so enthralled by your unexpected, shocking presence! Seriously.

April 1, 2011 is somewhat but a dream that literally stung and electrified me to the extent in which I could not distinguish the reality and the neverland. The effect is durable and long-lasting. I still remember that in the midst of carnage, I was there with you. We were holding hands together as though we had been seperated for infinity.

I didn't think of the fact that you had been there all the time but yet, my eyes were full of dirt. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Though I Haven't Met You

You were carried away by the way air flows from the higher ground to the sea. You didn't push yourself to go against the current or ... you didn't notice that you had been carried away so far that you couldn't even remember who you had been before that single clip grounded you and made you its base for such critical nonsense(s). And the time I dip the tip of my toe in you, you don't taste the same anymore. You ... have lost your flavour. You are amazingly, constantly freezing and chilling me to the bone.

People say that humanmade loves will never satisfy you. At first I was skeptical. But hereafter I believe that you will never find yourself at home except you learn the truth that God, your creator, loves you even more. His unconditional love is like an unending stream that falls off the cliff of clouds to fill us with His splendor, might, majesty and to be exact, His Everlasting Love for the wretched and lonely souls.

I'm gonna wait for you even though I haven't met you.
I found it quite an uneasy way to forget you, though. Although this thing could I have achieved but I am still a being. Even animals need mates. I believe it is our unethical way of seeking for you residing somewhere in the diaspora.

I never remember the way you dismember me. But I have always been able to recall how I was so close to you. But heck, the band is dismissed. Soaring and wandering across the plains of emptiness is where the dot will appear. The heat brings me even farther away.

Being dragged away from where I used to be. And as I am going to and fro, as surely as the acid rain is yet to pour down, I am to be exposed to the radiation you've emitted ever since. And I know that I need something.

That something I have yet to meet.
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