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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Name?

Finally, after all the efforts been through, I ultimately found this keychain......some days ago. I had been searching for this stuff for years and tragically, I unearthed it inside my drawer, which I interact with almost everyday.. I thought I'd lost it! It's so precious because I bought it from Australia. :)

Actually, this keychain has my name and its description printed on it, with a glass-box skirting my most favourite thing. Well, what I'm trying to say is that every person's got his/her own name, right? And I think our names have the power which shapes us so. What I figured out some times ago was that people tend to behave or act or even look similar to what their names mean. Personally, I think that's why people invented horoscopes, zodiacs. Because they believe words have those cosmic power.

Having my own name read over and over again, I'm quite proud of it (everybody should be proud of his/her name) and I thank dad and mom for giving me such name. (haha)

So,here it is:



"Wreath or

~ Dutch ~

~ Steven ~

a leader and manager
of men, the head of the
class, knows who he is
and what he wants out
of life, bold and daring,
speaks up for what he
believes in and acts
accordingly, has a flair
about him, from
dashing good looks, to
a radiant smile and
sparkling eyes, life is
fun with him around

Hopefully I could be that Steven! hahaha.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Got to STUDY!

It's hard for me to study because I have this, I have my computer in my room. And it's right, that computer is the greatest nuisance and distraction ever! Moreover, this unlimited internet adds my addiction to just surf, surf, and surf. It comforts me though. It does soothe me.

Clock's ticking. I'm running out of time (look,it's already 8 in the evening and I've only read 15 pages approx.). And I realised that time's priceless!
Time is money
, yet Time is Life!

I'm talking to myself: "Steve,you know that if you're weak to yourself, life will be hard to go through. But if you're hard to yourself then life will be pretty much easier!". So yes! Time's not to be wasted.
Huh,,should've changed earlier.
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