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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

God Does Exist!

I still have that thing kept in mind. I still remembered September 31st 2007, the first day of my one-year invocation. But I have not been able -yet- to recall when and where I retrieved that life-changing book? I believe I did not buy it. I know I found it somewhere. It could be in the chapel. Strange was it. Why did I take the book and bring it home? It's such a mystery that I myself have managed to grasp the answer, but the answer is hiding somewhere unreachable. Sometimes before I sleep, I take time and give an answer to myself: "Well.. Perhaps it's God's plan."

The book is titled "15 DOA Untuk Menghormati 5480 Pukulan Pada Tubuh Yesus". And inside it there were printed a background how that invocation handbook was made, Jesus' 23 promises and a series of prayers. The promises Jesus offers are so intriguing and thus, I started praying. 7 days passed, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months ..... and finally a year. I prayed it for one year, without one single day wasted. At first I couldn't believe it! I was like "Wow?! I have prayed for a year?? That's unbelievable! I could not even focus on one thing for a long period of time beforehand!"

Since the day I commenced praying, I felt many changes in me. I felt as if I had been reborn once again to this world! I felt brand new. Fresh and vibrant. And from that point afterward, I can perceive the promises He mentioned in the book. I experienced numerous incidents which, I can tell you, are so amazing that I couldn't believe my own eyes! I could have been blind if Jesus had not been by my side. I may not have been here sharing this if Jesus had not helped me.

Promise no. 17 : "Kamu akan mendapatkan segala sesuatu yang engkau minta dari Allah dan Perawan Maria"

"Jesus answered my prayers". That's what I think. And I believe His words are always true. Heaven and earth may cease, but His words remain. Do you know that most of my wishes come to life?? Yes, it happens. Well, there is a Virgin Mary grotto in the complex of my school. I sometimes spend my days after school go there and pray for a while. And recently I just fathomed and comprehended that most of what I asked of are answered. For example, last October I prayed for God's clemency on my wrongdoings and pleaded Him that I could reconcile with a teacher and the next day 'that teacher' visited me and problem was solved. Another example is when I ask Mother Mary to guide and give the best for my sister's further education, the next day..poof! Problem was solved right away. And when I ask of God about winning something, and ting! My dad won.

"Hell!" I think. The grotto is blessed. And I guess me either. Sometimes this matter mystifies me. But well, it is God's design. Neither I nor all of us can answer it.

What I've learnt so far is God exists. Nowadays, many people let go of their faiths, many of us no longer believe in God. Some people condemned God for things occurring in their lives. I know this world has gone astray and now on condition of disarray. We can't change the world, but we can change ourselves. And one thing will never change: No matter what God you believe in, as long as you keep believing, God is always on your side.
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