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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Name?

Finally, after all the efforts been through, I ultimately found this keychain......some days ago. I had been searching for this stuff for years and tragically, I unearthed it inside my drawer, which I interact with almost everyday.. I thought I'd lost it! It's so precious because I bought it from Australia. :)

Actually, this keychain has my name and its description printed on it, with a glass-box skirting my most favourite thing. Well, what I'm trying to say is that every person's got his/her own name, right? And I think our names have the power which shapes us so. What I figured out some times ago was that people tend to behave or act or even look similar to what their names mean. Personally, I think that's why people invented horoscopes, zodiacs. Because they believe words have those cosmic power.

Having my own name read over and over again, I'm quite proud of it (everybody should be proud of his/her name) and I thank dad and mom for giving me such name. (haha)

So,here it is:



"Wreath or

~ Dutch ~

~ Steven ~

a leader and manager
of men, the head of the
class, knows who he is
and what he wants out
of life, bold and daring,
speaks up for what he
believes in and acts
accordingly, has a flair
about him, from
dashing good looks, to
a radiant smile and
sparkling eyes, life is
fun with him around

Hopefully I could be that Steven! hahaha.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Got to STUDY!

It's hard for me to study because I have this, I have my computer in my room. And it's right, that computer is the greatest nuisance and distraction ever! Moreover, this unlimited internet adds my addiction to just surf, surf, and surf. It comforts me though. It does soothe me.

Clock's ticking. I'm running out of time (look,it's already 8 in the evening and I've only read 15 pages approx.). And I realised that time's priceless!
Time is money
, yet Time is Life!

I'm talking to myself: "Steve,you know that if you're weak to yourself, life will be hard to go through. But if you're hard to yourself then life will be pretty much easier!". So yes! Time's not to be wasted.
Huh,,should've changed earlier.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shot of the Day

Last night I was wondering about today. The question was idle, inasmuch as the answer wasn't forthcoming...
I should have woken up earlier at 5 this morning but that single tablet of Decolgen made me sleep until 9. I also forgot to set up the alarm, my bad. Moreover, I missed the moment. *sigh*

So, finally at 10 I've had everything set up and I was ready to go. Instead of learning Biology for tomorrow's test, I went for taking pics.
Photographic gears and equipments were with me and I set off my trip to hunt for pics. Thank God the sky was so clear and blue. :)
Even sweat glided like streams but it is worth doing anyway.
I was practising -as I'm trying to be a good photographer- my photographic skill and I'm so glad I've got many incredible "vistas" which are looking good to me. Walking down the ill-illuminated lanes, for the trees blocked the rays and even the sun was at its highest point, I found peace beneath them.

Anyway, it took 2 hours just to play around in the estate.
What a great noon!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everyday Combat

Everyday seems like hell nowadays. Well, these days (and 5-6 months ahead) are the busiest time I've ever been through (Uhh, I've been repeating this phrase again and again). School, extra classes, and all their fillings. Every single day I spend on studying and studying even in the end I don't really comprehend those incomprehensible mixtures and stuffs. They're all mixed up in my mind, revolving. I can only lean on God, for He once said "Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest". And I trust His words.

Just a couple of weeks yet to be, there will be exams. And that's not the end. From 23rd December till the last day of the month I'll be studying Chemistry and English profoundly EIGHT hours a day. That's sickening.
But well, for every gain, there's a pain.
Hopefully my goals come true.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bloody Months!

Today is the end of October. Tomorrow is the start of November.
Six months ahead are gonna be the divine judgments. Well, you see now I'm in my last grade, the twelfth grade, and as long as I am concerned this is the hardest part of where I've been through.

The hardships begin next month.

1. St. Ignatius
Well, after those exhausting lessons now I'm facing HELL. From tomorrow onwards, one shift of lesson will comprise of a 5 hour study. And every single week there are gonna be two TOs (November) and three (on December) that must be taken on weekdays! And while the others are experiencing their best Christmas holiday, I'll be studying so hard that eight hours of my everyday will be filled up with Chemistry. Eight hours a day on Christmas Holiday! (Even Christmas Eve I can't celebrate it...sigh)
But after all, it's a sacrifice to meet the goals. It's a price to pay.

2. School
Today (31 of October) is the opening of CC Cup 2009.
And in a week or two, I'll be enjoying great TOs everyday after school.

3. Direct English
I spare my Wednesday and Friday's evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 practicing IELTS till next January. Oh my, I should be more time-manageable.

4,5,6.. etc!!

Oh how I love these incoming bloody months.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

This proverb suddenly appeared in my mind some time ago. And I still remember how often my dad keeps saying this thing to me, just like "A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step".
Then, I thought for a while "Hmm.This sounds right! And true! We can't finish working our homework if we don't start writing the first letter. We can imagine all things are through, but without action everything is just imagination.
Relating it to a thing, I found out that I was not too fond of it. Sometimes it was even a reason for my failures in relating with the opposites. But why??I did my best to her but then she walked away. I can't figure out why.
I got a strong motivation to tell her I love her, but my guts always procrastinate. Well, maybe I'm a choosy one, but who isn't? I built a relationship and I failed. So I thought "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" was so wrong.
But finally I remembered these sayings: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" and "No pain, no gain". I realised what my mistakes were. They were the discouragements! I was too afraid to tell her, and now the time has gone whereas I remain still. I made some efforts but she replied it with ruthlessness. I know that I was too late. I regretted this thing.

So from that time on, every morning I wake up, set the goals, and try reaching the goals (One of the goals is to go for her).

Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday's Time Line

05:20 AM - "Hey Friday!! It's me! I'm now ready for the final day!". Really excited this morning because today, October 09 2009, is the termination of mid-exams series.
05:55 AM - Hit the road!
06:20 AM - Arrived at the destination, school. Feeling so anxious..just wanted the exams to be started.
07:30 AM - English paper. Started.
11:00 AM - "Hooorayy! Finally, it's now over!" :D After all the sweat I've dropped, now the war has finally come to an end. hehe. But the more surprising thing is that I received 100 at Physics (I was so sure that I'd fail the test, really!) and 92.5 at Chemistry (can't stop gazing at the paper for 5mins). Moreover, there's still no sign of remedial test, yet. Man! Blessed be the Lord. :)
12:00 PM - Got home.
12:35 PM - Boedi texted me that he'd just turned over the engine and driven all the way to here. We were about to launch.
12:50 PM - Boedi did arrive, SAFELY. How fast it was! Lucky you are Boed, u're still alive. hahaha.
1:20PM - My mom, Boedi, and I were on our way to MKG.
1:40 PM - Having parked the car,I and Boedi set out for lunch (As usual, Boedi ate meatball..over and over again.. --" while I...just drank a cup of sugarcane juice)
2:30 PM - a cinema with a deserted, forsaken ambiance. The cinema was just like ours. There were only Boedi, me, and the staffs. --". We booked the 3:40 Surrogates movie.
2:40 PM - Searching present for Boedi's friend. As I and Boedi had already planned before, it took only 10mins to hunt for it (Compare it to our last Quest! It took 2hrs!! ._. )
2:55 PM -
Boedi: "Jay, masih stengahjaman lg nih..Ngantoekk nih! Cari tmpat yg asik yuk..hahaa..maw tidur nehh.."
Steven: "ngantukk?maw tidur??seriously??! (staring endlessly at Boedi) Okayy..Soursally aj gmn?dsana tmpatNa jg ok tuh."
Boedi: "hmm..ayo!"
3:05 PM - We reached Soursally. What a tiresome stroll! Spending our times talking bout..yahh,,u know lha..boys' stuffs.haha.
3:25 PM - The walkway should've been much much time-consuming! But as Boedi knew a "shortcut", we arrived too far from on time. Boedi bought a bottle of mineral water (He almost finished drinking it before we actually got inside the theatre!). It seemed to us that the theatre was a bit much crowded. We then sat on a bench. This is a part where I and Boedi can't ever forget!
Steven: "(sitting next to Boedi, poking him, and whispering) Boed Boed,,liat deh,,ce" yg kayak gitu tuh yg............"
Boedi: "........(empty look, thinking for a while, shocked)."
The girls: "Hi Boed!!!"
No wayy!! I was so shocked and fully surprised that I couldn't even close my gaping mouth! I didn't expect they replied my whisper! It was as if they had known that they were being talked about. The three of them, they are friends of Boedi!hahaha, what a scene!
5:05 PM ? -
After watching movie, we went down the escalator. 1st floor. My eyes suddenly caught her. I didn't know if she were really 'her'. My heart suddenly beat faster. I talked to Boedi, "bro, isn't that girl ....???". " looks like her.. (straining, looking at one point)..Yeah, it's her. Or at least, it's her! Jay...!".
I was so bewildered. She was between the 2 girls. Idk. That green-grayish stripes girl..? "No way,I think. But her postures..they're matched". I hate to tell this, I wanted to say hello but my guts just went away. haha.
I and Boedi were wandering that time. So after 30 secs from that incidence, Boedi said to me, "Jay, why aren't we chasing after them??". "You mean, stalking?...(thinking for a while)... Yeah,why not??". I looked back to the scene, but they had been gone.
But Boedi was so enthusiastic that he tried to track them. hahaha.
But after 5mins of searching, Boedi got zero. I said, "Oh c'mon man. It's such a waste. If you coincidentally see them again, then I'll treat you".
5:30 PM -
Going up to 1st floor. We saw the girls again, in front of "next". But I turned my sights. Idk. Whether it was her or not at all. I was still anxious. "Jay..kalo gw gak salah denger sih,,barusan lo maw traktir gw kan??hehehee"."......No!That was a joke, you know?haha"
So the conclusion is I don't know whether that girl was her?But I did recognize that face. But idk, I haven't seen her for at least, a year. That's saddening.

5:50 PM - We shopped at BreadTalk, bought some breads home. :D
6:05 PM - We were going..home..

Aaaa! Today's superb! :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Heart Sees What Eyes Don't

"Shallow Hal".

Actually, I've seen this film before but well, yesterday I watched that again. To me, the film starred by Jack Black(Hal) does give me a better concept about what love really is!

In the film, Hal is a type of man who is always obsessed with perfect partner(s) and he always kept this high standard. One day, in an occasion, he was trapped inside the lift with the well-known Self-help Guru, Tony Robbins, who apparently "dehypnotize" Hal after Tony heard everything Hal has spoken out to him. This life-altering incidence has truly changed Hal's ways of life! Dropping from the very high standard to a "very low" standard!
In Hal's eyes, he sees supermodels but in fact, they're fat losers or ugly ones. His best friend, Mauricio, was shocked by Hal's new taste of women. Even more, he was trembled by Hal's relationship with Rosemary (a grossly obese woman). He can't believe Hal can ever do such thing. He thinks Hal's relationship with Rosemary is just Hal's motive to get a higher position at JPS Funds where Hal works at (Rosemary's father is COINCIDENTALLY the founder of JPS Funds (Hal's boss))
So Mauricio did a lot of things to help his best friend from his "blindness" and his career jeopardy. So after knowing that it was Tony Robbins that altered Hal's mind, Mauricio came to see him and asked Tony to make Hal as he was used to be.
Hal picked up his phone and Mauricio said "Shallow Hal wants a gal" (a mantra given by Tony Robbins to break the "curse"). Suddenly Hal feels anything changed! He didn't even recognize Rosemary again!
After that, Hal, helped by Mauricio, always tries to avoid Rosemary. But one night at a restaurant, Rosemary saw Hal was holding Jill's (Hal's ex) hands. From that time on, Rosemary realized that she had been fooled. So, Hal was fired and his life was such a mess.
Shortly, with some helps from Mauricio, Li'iBoy, and a friend from Peace Corps, he and Rosemary finally reconciled again and became a couple forever onwards.

When there's outer beauty, there's inner beauty as well.
People tend to look at the outside. Most guys do the same as I do. We only see the outer layer of a girl. On the contrary, people usually say that it's the true love, that the person sees the inner beauty within someone he/she likes. But it's hard to be done, right? Even I can hardly see someone's inner beauty. But I know we can. :)
Tell you what, I think it's fundamental to see what's really the "true beauty" in the opposites too.
But still, appearance does hold the most important factor. :D

Introductory Chapter

Hi everyone! This is the first time I have such kind of blog.
So, I'm kinda new to this. Hehe.

Well,I guess some people are wondering why I made this.

Some of my motives are:
1. As my best friends have already known, I write journals (not everyday).
It happened a year ago. The school did give its students an agenda for each, a.k.a "Buku Refleksi Harian". The school authority pushed and encouraged us to write reflective writings on that book. So until now, I think it's been a habit. :)
2. I love sharing things and stuffs. haha.
3. I also like trying new things, like this (blog) and just a few days ago I just started a deviantart.

That's all my intro!
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