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Friday, June 24, 2011

When 19 is The Number

Parents are not here. Friends forget my birthday. What's the world gonna be without online social-networking sites? Those friends turn out to be just friends. Some will pass the test; many will lose; Even more will surrender without fighting. Secluded and unknown. Yeah. Life could be better.

So, happy birthday to me!
Steven, you've been such a great self! I love you for your principles, for your storm-resistiveness, for your life, for your talents, for your stories, for your status and most importantly ... FOR YOUR OWN SELF. Thank you God, I have a chance to live here, on earth. Thank you Lord for the health that You have granted to me. Thank you Jesus for those 18 years. Thank you.
Thank you. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Want to Play a Game

Hello my dear friends, I want to play a game.
Since the very beginning, all of you have friends to look after you, to be cared-for, to be groomed by. Ironically you all have never thought of helping your friends in time of troubles. Having been living a life through blinded eyes, this time I chose to have you blindfolded. And the hopelessness you are struggling with is what you bestowed unto others. Some of you call it karma, I call it justice. Right now, lying 120 cm in front of your abdomen is a pair of chainsaws; as time ticks the chair will move forward, 10 cm in every 10 seconds, and eventually rip your body into half. Your hands are tied to the armrests and the key to your life lies 30 cm in front of your face. Your neck is shackled and its rear part is connected to a chain which is tied to your 5 best friends on the carousel. If you move your head to the front, you will choke the others to their deaths. If you don't, the others will make you suffocate to your last breath. But you will want to push your head forward in order stay alive. Within the last 2 minute of your life I offer you the second chance.
Only one of you will survive. Make your choice.
"Let the game begin"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And There It All Starts

Just like a light in the dark, you seem to be the answer to my heart. The key to my future. But some things remain a shadow in you. Joyful, friendly, pretty, heartfelt, fervent and devout might have been the perfect words to describe you. To me you are all but a perfection. But things ...

Things could have gone differently if I hadn't chosen to be here, right now. In every moment that I take, you are always there before me. Your ubiquitous virtual image always appears. Slowly and step by step, reaching towards you is not an easy thing to do. My heart is craving for a big leap but yet, it has always failed me. I fear ...

Fear of losing you has always consumed me. But heck, I move on. All those situations that revolve around me don't deserve my priority. Prior to nine-three of last year I had been lost but you gave me a brand new hope just like an oasis for those lost in the desert. Really and really ...

Really thank God for your presence.Though you don't and won't notice, at the end of my day the truth will prevail. For you.

You are such a blessing. :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

(You are) Without a Guarantee

The storm in my life is never-ending. The seas roar and the earth shakes as if I were not wanted; the end of time for me is near. Could this life have been better? Perhaps not. Such a forgotten child that has been wandering in search for the truth. The truth was you ... Yea, it was you until this day came across the time barrier to prove that, once again, God has another plan for me.

Our Love is Without a Guarantee. Whose isn't?
Every time they say: "The more NO you'll encounter, the more nearer you are to YES". But the nearer I am to the edge of the most edge, the harder I find it this world to live by. God surely has another plan for me which I know He will give the best for me. But, it is really painful to receive the fact that all of them are gone ... just like that. So unloved and uncared-for might be the best words to describe what I am feeling right now. This very moment freezes the seconds when I met you and depicts your beautiful, ice-melting smile. Could life be better without you? Of course as long as I will it!
Maybe I am unworthy of your smile. So yes, someone deserves you better than I do. One way or another, I will need to be able to let go of you, of your presence and of your  dashing smile. You are so perfect to me! But ... when love wants to fly you can't keep it down. You are FREE now. Fly wherever you want to be.

And ... See you! Till destiny meets us.

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