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Friday, September 17, 2010

Merlion's Charm

It's going to be 4 weeks next Monday. Days pass by so quick. I can't even tell whether it is real or not, but now.. My life has become very hectic! I guess the hurry sickness that plagues most of the Singaporeans has inflicted me and by the end of the very month, I will have suffered from a presumably everlasting, unwanted mental illness. The germ which shuts most parts of my brain. Indistinguishable yet bearable disfigurement.

But here I am. Trying to write a post in such a noisy environ, which I quite hate. I can't write when there are commotions. I need silence! Do I need to burn this block down in order to tranqualize things up? Oh, come on. (Shit, I digressed, again)

But well, I love it here! :) I make a lot of friends. They are just awesome! I love this cross-cultural ambience! Exploring the uncharted area in town, being subjected to strict, austere Singapore's laws. But guess what, I don't miss Jakarta at all! I miss my family there, all my good friends but ... Singapore is a good place to live! Really.

Everything is just fine. I've never been this better. :)

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