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Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's Get this May Over With.

"Uang yang hilang dapat dicari kembali, tetapi waktu yang sudah berlalu tak dapat dibeli kembali."

Oh my, May's about to end. 7 more hours, mate. How I really really feel that this month runs quick! And then I realised that I'd spent much of the time blank. I played games, I watched movies, I hanged out with friends and I surfed the Internet whole day long. I did it unproductively.

In my clock, two months are such a great deal of time. I don't want my time to be thrown away because money can't buy me time.

My father bought me life-changing books, but I just put it on the bookshelf. I left them be. My point is, a revolution shall be made to establish a new me! Tonight's gonna be my cornerstone. I gotta change! That's why I don't like people saying "Let it flow". For Christ's sake! What if the stream ended up in the gutter? Did you know that fish spends most of its life swimming against the current?? If it didn't, it'd be a dead fish, just in case you hadn't known that.

Today is the turning point. Don't hesitate!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Need and The Want

We often go to department stores, shopping centres, you name it. And all of a sudden, maybe one wouldn't expect that he had spent much money extravagantly that day. My point is: many of us don't really realise what the differences between want and need are.

Perhaps you once encountered this. When you were wandering about the mall, you were walking round the shops and somehow your eyes were caught off guard by an item. You really felt that if you don't buy it, the world will crush upon you. But in fact, let's say that thing is a piece of clothing, you've got a couple of cabinets full of garments! Oh gee, you should do charity by donating 50% of your clothes to those who are unable to buy them. Just donate it to an organisation anyway. A good example of want: A friend's mom of my friend literally has a tiny room filled with hundreds of footwear! For the love of God, please? Such a waste of money. Have you ever heard a story of Hong Kong's multimillionaire who jumped into the gutter just only to recover a coin that accidentally fell off his pocket? Yes, it happened. Please respect any single cent of your money.

Usually people think that when there's a fixed purpose of buying something is when we are in the state of "needing something". But what if your intention were driven by personal aim to just cover the empty space within your closets? Therefore, in my opinion, when there is a single necessary demand of something that lies within him, in which the thing is going to be used for the sake of his work, then it is called a need. For instance, a student needs a laptop when he's studying abroad. Well, yes, he surely needs it because when he's got no laptop, then where should he do his tasks?

In short, what I'm trying to utter is we need to be able to identify and to distinguish these two main issues. I am very optimistic that we can appreciate a bit of our money and invest it in something we need, not we want.

Pengetahuan adalah nihil sebelum dipraktekan.
Knowing is nothing. Applying what you know is everything!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nothing's Perfect

I couldn't sleep early lately. There was always something revolving in my mind before I went to sleep. I was cumbered with this some sort of good old seeming philosophy. I kept questioning: "Is it true that nothing's perfect?".

When I looked back I figured out interesting facts indeed. It happened last year. I met this gorgeous girl. We had some conversations and I was lucky I could keep in touch with her more frequent. I loved the way she was, but as time rolled by, when we dined I uncovered the truth that she was "carnivorous". I don't know whether you guys accept a type of woman like this? Because to me, I feel that someone who does not eat vegetables dies faster and subjects to heart diseases, strokes, cancers, etc. No offense, okay? Moreover, I also think "what my and her child will be? I mean our child will be malnourished and will lack the vitamins and minerals needed." Well, people say I am far-sighted. But I perceive myself differently: I think of the long-term impact.

And there are still many other experiences regarding this. But well, I hope my paradigms are false! But I was instilled to behold the opposite. Hopefully I can change this silly thinking of mine. I was too heavily-burdened. And I also hope I could have a good time with her, again. :)

N O T H I N G' S   P E R F E C T.
Yes, it is.

Monday, May 03, 2010

I Passed My 12th Grade!

Today those scores were revealed. And although on some subjects I feel quite upset and "rice has turned into porridge", I am proud that I can graduate from secondary school! *Yeaayy!*

I am happy overall! :)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Hey, It is You I'm Writing About!

I like being with you. I don't mind if my parents are mad of me because I go home late. I like to keep those times stand still. Because the more I am beside you, the more I feel like home. You are such a nice girl, you know? You are different. You are like no others. You are not a naughty type, a quality guys want their girlfriends to be. You are kindhearted, the jewel of mystery. You are like the gold people are seeking after. And you are only one. No other girls can impersonate your inner charms. You are shining even though you are upset...Why? Because the inner beauty you've got in you!

Was I staring at an angel?! Because I could see the wings on your back! You are perfectly built for the killing. And I am dead now because of you. I was shot by the bullet of love. You are irresistible. Your smile, your eyes,.... everything about you is but a dream that comes to life! And with your magic spell, I have been resurrected. I am now forgetting my death, those ugly things in the near past. I am walking on the right track because of your presence.

Have you not heard the angels singing? I could see ten of thousands of stars glittering the two of us. While everybody else around us is going about, can we just stop and talk a while? Do tell me more about yourself please. I'd like to know more about you. You are my centre of attention. Just can't get rid of you!

Did you still remember the trot we took together? When the sunlight shimmered your pretty face? I could not stop thinking if I was living a dream? As if life were never meant to be like this great! I am wondering how a goddess like you came down to the earth and met me, a mere ugly, silly boy?
Yes, you are surprisingly extraordinary.
You are the best.
You are _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _. :)
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