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Friday, April 30, 2010

"I Think I am ..."

When I looked at my status, it's "single". To me, this word keeps harassing me obliquely. The most unreliable source of my strength. The vault of my weaknesses. I am truly under pressure. And sometimes I feel dull. Dull about what it will become in my future. Whether I will finally find The One? Or perhaps ... no, that's not worth thinking.

Surely these are what I think I am:
1. Fall in love quite easily
Yeah. I said "quite". It seems that so-called pheromone has a lot to do with this. haha. I do have some sort of qualification, but when it comes to meet the girl, the feeling just pops! I guess everybody is like that?

2. Choosy
I have my own type, which I personally can't even tell either. Perhaps the principle which states that "my girlfriend will become my wife" is not making any sense. But yes, I choose my soul mate. So, I would be very thorough in inspecting girls from the way they act, their attitudes and so on.

3. Loyal
I define myself as a loyal guy. Hard statement though. But why? Because I am instilled to be for one lady only. When I fall in love in the first sight, I am sure I will look after her. Believe it or not? :) Tough assertion. I can't elaborate much.

4. You judge me
Hello guys. It's time to judge me. It's not me talking about me, but it's you talking about me, right? You all are my friends and I guess you know me pretty deep, eh? So, feel free to comment about who I really am.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Wound that Healed

That ugly March.. the fact that she had been taken made my heart shattered (as always). Yeah, but guess what? I was feeling strong enough to repel the wave that was crushing down on me even though I was on the brink of my downfall, I do know... that, well, I was late again. That I did not learn from the past. A regret that took a long while to fade.
One benefit: Brokenhearted is no more painful than ever.

I was sad. I was blue. I was kind of losing hopes that moment. In brief, I was totally spiritless! Yet, days surely would never put the pieces back into one. I hated it. I was trying to say to myself that I was living a lie! But crying over spilled milk is just a waste of time, isn't it?

As days roll by, I found me a bit fortunate. April turns out to be more promising yet demanding. :) I have worked unsociable hours with this ailment and God seemed to be knowing what I was exactly needing, a spring. So then, 4 days ago, I was introduced to someone who astonished me! I was staggered. Her unmatched inner-charm has caught me off guard although I have tried numerous times to elude it. So surprised that I have been thinking of her in everything that I do. I found it hard to drop her off. I just want to buy some more time just to be with her. Haha. A common feeling of love.

Can't tell you whether this feeling is real or it is just a mere byproduct in which March's ugliness is taken into account? I'd say I'm not sure. But it preferably goes to the real side. I am a realist anyways. :)

A new golden dawn. And the stake is high: CalvinKlein. :p

P.S. Thank you Lord Jesus for her presence in my life. Thank you SE, you are the best mate God's ever given!
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