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Where In The World Are You?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Red Rose

When some words were written down under the influence of some certain kinds of musics... Words flow.
Wait until the song plays and then you read this. Read out loud slowly inside your heart, word by word, sentence by sentence. This actually, somehow, represents my current condition.


Hi. There you are.
Oh. It's not you. :(
So, who are you?

L, where are you?
I've been missing you. :'(
I've been waiting at the front door.

Day 1.
Day 2..
Day 3...

Contacting you.
No answer.
Yearning you.
Hoping you are HERE.

The Sun is blacking out.
The Moon is breaking apart.
Meteors rain upon the Earth?
Still you haven't gone home.

Going to prairie.
It's midnight.
Stargazing... And yet
.. Alone.

Going downtown
Gazing at them.
Tears burst out..
"If only you were here. Now."

Escaping to the park.
Sitting on the bench under the gloom.
Memories of you... I recall
"You should have heeded my warning"

Going home.
Walking past a couple.
Should've been the two of us.
But.. it's OKAY. :_)

Home alone.
Dinner... All alone.

Time to sleep.
Closing my eyes.
But... You're just a shadow within me.

The next morning I'm out.
The road we used to walk.
I see a bush of reds.
And I smile.

Buying a banquet of flowers..
Reminded of the time of the Proposal.
My head turns to the left..
But you are ... not by my side.

Then I go to the cemetery.
Where you ARE sleeping still.
I kneel.. And I say
"If only you had ........ (tears drop) ....... If only!"
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