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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Modeling: Ups or Downs?

Models have been thriving everywhere. You can see them in magazines, catwalks, internet.. Everywhere! Fashion has been such a good market for girls who are gifted with such fantastic appearances. With the advancement of this, fashions blossom, teenagers are now up-to-date. Cosmetics have also been such a vast, profitable industry.

Remedial agents have mushroomed. Facial surgery has been like a prerequisite. Plastic surgery is aimed to add beauty to the consumers. Beauticians are making money easily. Botox and other hazardous chemical compounds have been invented to meet the expanding demand all over the world. Not only girls, but boys too. Commenting these, now tons of models are eager to "edit" parts of their bodies in order to be "supermodels". They have forgotten how beautiful they are. To me, they have lost their dignities and their life merits.
Be grateful on what God has given to you.
I am not blaming the models. They work and that's a good thing rather than being unemployed. What I am blaming is the ones who gave a "wrong" perception in either fashion shows and photographs. These models are required to do the makeups. They must dress nicely. My point is, why must the models dress that way?? Why don't they just dress normally without those curved, crooked hairstyles? Without those eyeliners, without those accessories. They don't look nice in those things. They seem to be exaggerated, most of all.

So why are this models not photographed in their very natural way? Are they unattractive in their own daily ways? NO. In fact, they are more and more gorgeous in their home dresses!

I don't mean that you have to quit the modeling thing. You have the right to choose your own way though. :)

P.S. I personally would like to thank a friend of mine whose part-time job inspires me a lot. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turning the 17 to 18

Well life, you've been shaping the today me. "Time flies fast", that's what people say. Yeah, I can't deny it nor reject it but 24 hours a day is too short. I wish earth revolved a bit slower. Let's say we had 50 hours in a day.

But Lord, I am very happy I can still breathe. I can still see how beautiful this world is despite it's literally melting. I can still enjoy my teenage spirit. And after all, I can still experience for the first time how love struck me real hard. And how I can get my share of love.

I have a good life. I am so grateful. I have a good father who always motivates me and gives me his wise words. He is always behaving strict to his children. And I thank dad for his force. Because of the disciplines instilled to me, I now understand what life is meant to be.

I have a good mother who forced me to eat vegetables and fruits. Now, look what I am, I love eating them! I will feel quite awkward when there's no green on my plates. Thanks to my mom for caring and helping me, driving me to the school, helping me finishing my artworks. You are such a great mom! Even my mom knows all my secrets. haha. About my crushes, everything! I just can't keep my secrets with me.

I have a good sister who always cheers me up in time of troubles. She gives me a new perception about fashion. Well, tell you the truth, I was quite old-fashioned back to two years ago. Even though my sister sometimes induces angers, but I still love you, sist.

I have good friends. But I think there are only some whom I can count on. Like Fransiskus Rosano Adi Prakoso, Boedi Setia Utama, Leonard Rusli, Steven Solichin, Andreanus Wijaya, Andrew Raditya, Markus Gunawan, Alberto Tengguna, Suwandi Efron, Marvin Lambert, Brenda Tedjadharma, Larissa Wiratno Hwang, Reinard Bagus Ananto, Pius Andhika Gustianto, Ivan Yulian, William Haezer Saputra, Chelia Kusumo and Violene Virginta. I can rely on them. Really. Oh and Maximinus Darwin too, my long-gone friend whose presence staggered me tonight! I can't believe that I mentioned my loved one to him. That means I trust him. :)

Oh God, I just wish two things to happen.
1. Can I be Ms. B's? Please give me guts to tell her from deep inside my heart.
2. Please Lord Jesus, lead and sustain me when I am studying abroad.

Thank You Lord, I know You always listen to my prayer.

Happy Birthday, Steven!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Baby, Here's the Bottom Line :

Bee Bee and Bee. God, the eyes of the world are on you! Many guys like you. I know it. You know it. The empress' charms you possess literally bring me down. Oh come on, I am not good at hiding my emotions. But whenever you're around, my heart is running away from the fact that I really DO LOVE YOU! And I guess you know how hard it is for me to try getting the words out of my deepest darkest bluish foundation. How can I tell you when words don't come easy? And there is so much I am trying to say.

I am fighting my own mind. Depleting the layer of my brain that says you are the only one. I am trying very hard. I swore I'd let nobody in. But you lessened the distance and thus, I have been trapped in the heat of your eyes. How could you trespass?

Well, somehow I feel that you and me are both like-minded. And your face, those eyes, those perfect linen fibers that spun your wondrous, like-no-others look! Oh no, I fell in the spell of your charm. Did you cast a voodoo on me?

Did you know that your name buzzes in my head every time I inhale? And exhale, too. Oh my, your name is truly like a parasitic digital voice that reaches out for more. It can't get enough. And when I deciphered your name, it contains the ambiance of "dullness". :)

Oh Queen of Hearts, you have brought me down to my knees. You have made my mind bend. You are like a spider and I could be the fly. I could be your victim of love but I believe this love is not phony because when I walk alone in the night through an empty street, I just can't stop thinking of you. Do you feel the pain? Could it be the same? Are you missing me too?

There is no cure to this feeling. I just need you by my side saying that you love me too. That's all.

So Initial B, tell me. Do you love me too?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Green Star

Hello little friend of mine, good to see you. :)
You are such a green polished little metallic thing that suddenly appeared. You are so worthy that I picked you up and preserved you.

You are the utmost reliable reminder. Because every time I look at you, I see her within my head.

You are the source of strength. Because whenever troubles come, you are there to hold me up.

You are sorrow exterminator. Because I will always smile when I take a peek of you, even at a glance.

You are a great conjurer. Because I will always feel that she's around whenever you are there.

You are simply a middleman. Because I can tell how much I love her through you.

You are a benevolent listener. Because you always listen to my aimless speech.

You are a trustworthy companion. Because I can sense your presence in anything I do. Everywhere, every single ticking second.

You are a blue star. Though you're green, but you deliver a great amount of blue to me.

You are love fertilizer. Thanks to you, my love has just been growing. :)

You are a lovely enchanter. Because you make me believe that I can be hers.

You are a key to everything. Because every thing that happens in my life is connected to her.

You are a good friend in the night. Because you always remind me of 'Bee' before I go to bed.

You are a sound priest. Because she is in my every prayer.

You are a good healer. Because I feel in the greatest mood ever whenever I look at you.

Well, greenie, thanks for being a part of my life.

Monday, June 14, 2010

From Me to You

Dear lovely,
Ms. B,

In this lonely night, here I am, sitting in front of my computer and browsing the pictures of you. Oh, the lyric in that song is right:
"When the night has come and the day is done, I am always thinking of you."
You are everywhere in everything I do. You are in the air. You are inside me. You voice is whispering to me through the cool summer breeze.

I am now putting my messenger to offline mode. I am recalling the days with you. Whenever I close my eyes, I see you there. As whenever I go to sleep, the only last thing remains is you. You are God's perfect creation.

I love you so much, so deep as blue ocean and so wide as boundless sea. But how can I tell you this?? I am always afraid of telling you that you are the only one to me. Always. But on the contrary, I am always afraid of losing you. Or when somebody else would take my place. :'(

Oh B, tell me what I should do. I know I just need to say it, but silence hits me. I am like a retard who always backs off. I am the kind of guy who is out of words and zips my mouth when it comes to telling the truth. "Am I a man or what?", I keep asking myself. I am truly shy.

Is this love going to remain still? Is this love going to be left unnoticed? Is this love going to bury itself? NO. I know this will sound embarrassing, but before I leave, I will utter the real feeling. Just for you.

Loving you always,

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What is your Life's Purpose?

Life is purely and solely a game. Living has ever been so easy. Life is your manifestation. You dream of a car, then suddenly a chrome yellow convertible sports car is parked in your personal 20 x 20 metres garage. Then you imagine a $ infinite withdrawal from your limitless, endless bank account and you put it in your vast underground cache. What a life you've got, fella. ;)

That sounds fun. But unfortunately, the world is not as I mentioned above.

Life is purely and solely a struggle. Living has never been easy. If it were easy, people all over the world would be super duper rich then. All lazy, lousy people would not be anymore lingered by poverty. And the dreams would always come true even you did not work your path through rocky, covered-with-holes streets.

The rich deserves to be rich and gets richer because they have paid the price for success. They have been sweating their paths out and now, be financially free. They always wake up early even before the first light comes to shimmer the earth. They have masterminded the principle of achieving the best of the bests. They have been, are, and will always be outside of their comfort zones. They will always grow. Why? Because when a tooth emerges, you suffer from unbearable pain. But when it's grown, does it hurt anymore? No. Their beliefs and their mindsets help them reach their goals, no matter what they face.
"What you can dream, you can achieve"
The poor deserves to be poor and gets poorer because they have not paid the price for success. They sleep all the day long, they never act. Even when they act, they are burdened by their inferior loser mindsets. They wake up late. They hesitate. They dream of big things, but they never take action to reach them. They are anxious to change. They are always inside the circle of their comfort zones. Their habits have them ended up in a shitty abyss.
"It is risky to change, but it is riskier not to change"
Well, life is a choice. Do you want to become a great, well-known figure in the next 10 years? Or do you want to be a mediocre, average people of the future? Your call.

I heard my good friend said: "Look, in the Bible it is written that God loves poor people. You can find Him in poor people's hearts. So, why should we become rich and become an enemy of God??"
I now have the answer:
God does not want us to become ordinary people with ordinary income and ordinary wealth. He wants us to become very extremely rich! Because when we are rich, we don't really care about how much money we have and we can lend our hands to those who need them. We can do charities, we can adopt children, we can build churches and we can contribute welfare to the famine-stricken people of Ethiopia, for instance. But when we are poor, we can't even handle our own problems. We don't care about others. And how can we be helping hands if we are poor?

We all live only once in this very habitat. Therefore, I say:
I, You, the one who is reading this right now and All people around the world who dare to change to become multi-millionaires in the near future, so we can help not only ourselves and our relatives, but also people out there who really do need our helps.

"Giving is RICH"

Monday, June 07, 2010

I was Ambushed (by a Love Party)

We met each other 360 days ago, really it was 360 days ago. I realised you were the prettiest lady in the band. Wherever my eyes were wandering, my look would every time land on your figure. You were like a black spot in the centre of the whites. Every time I looked away, I'd eventually turn my look to you, my dearest. But funny thing is that, at that moment I didn't feel that you were the perfect companion for me. Moreover, I thought "Yeah, I just like the look of you, Ms. B. Really not so interested in going much deeper."

You are gifted with the splendorous cat eyes! And I can't ever forget such nice look of yours. I don't know, but to me, eyes are the basic opposite sex's part which looks very attractive. And you behave well, too.

But as your showing up in the group conjures up a feeling inside me. Not a long time ago, when we were going out together, whether you felt it or not, I just wanted to be with you. That was when I became conscious of an emotion that had grown within, that I have fallen in love with you. I really want to be more than just a friend. I'll give anything to hear you say that I am more than a friend.

Now every night before I go to sleep, I let my thoughts travel with me to the moon. Venturing back to our very first saying-hello, how I couldn't let go of my eyes on you for three days and how surprisingly a love could attack me real hard.

Yeah, I was ambushed by a band of love. I imagined how life would be without you. I imagined how you'll be doing when I'm studying abroad. *Sigh*. You've got me counting the seconds. I only have no more than two months left. I just want to tell you how I really feel. I am damn mad about you. if only I could cancel my university things. But I know, someday, somewhere, we will meet again.

P.S. I hope I don't regret this. I really do love you, Ms. B.
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