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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I do, I do, I do! Yes, I DO LOVE YOU!

Hey girl, do you know how much I love you? You won't know even though it is very obvious. I don't know why we all keep drifting away. What did I do to deserve this? Did you know that I missed the time! I really do miss that time when we were together. Only the two of us. When you held my arm and dragged me away from buying you an ice cream. That feeling just won't go away. And when you brushed my hair.. You mean SOMETHING for me.

I hope you read this. Right now. Because I really want to say that I really LOVE you! From the bottomless abyss of my heart, I can hear the voice that tells me to keep on sticking to you. But everytime that I'm near you, I always fail. You are a very good girl, a girl whose values are not of wordly values! You know you are very unique. Neither are you materialistic. You are such a simple girl; the kind of girl that I LOVE the MOST. Finding you is like locating a precious gem that I'd like to keep forevermore. Can this heart be wrong???

Hey GIRL, I need you in my life. I Love You. I really do LOVE you. I wish I could soften your heart. I wish I could bring myself back to those one joyful week. Thank you for her presence, God. I might not be the guy that she likes but one thing for sure, I will always love you. ALWAYS.


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