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Saturday, July 02, 2011

They Hurt

I cried just now. I have never cried like this for a long time. In a house all alone, I spent my time scrolling your photos over and over again. You are so beautiful but hey, I am not the only one who admires you. I am of different nationality and you might prefer one of the same.

And the fact that I have a secret admirer makes me wonder. Am I that great or is it just a prank? Or is it my alter ego?? I know I have more than one personality. But this just seems... so real! Am I Bean?? I don't know. Only psychiatrists know.

The fact that I may have another self: THAT HURTS.
The fact that you are running away: THAT HURTS
The fact that you are cold: THAT HURTS
The fact that you are ignoring me: THAT HURTS
The fact that you don't want to reply me: THAT HURTS.

They hurt. They just hurt.


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